PhotoVoice {noun}

PhotoVoice is an innovative participatory research method, which enables its participants to express their views on a certain topic and their personal experience with it through photographs. 


“Integration of Foreigners through the Eyes of Praguers”

We bring you an online version of the best of the audio-visual exhibition “Integration of Foreigners through the Eyes of Praguers.” The exhibition was created in 2018 through the PhotoVoice method,  in which participated 20 Praguers, including both Czechs and foreigners. Through about 150 photos with comments, these participants expressed their personal view on integration in Prague. Additional audio-interviews were conducted with selected participants, that present authentic stories of integration into the Czech society. These brave people talk openly about the joys and challenges they had to face while building a new life and home in Prague.

Few people realise that nowadays every 7th Praguer is of foreign origin, and rarely do we get a chance to get to know their personal stories from up close – much of their experience with integration stays hidden deep inside. Through PhotoVoice, we were able to unlock and slightly open the imaginary doors guarding such experience. So don’t hesitate, and take this opportunity to get to know Praguers from Russia, Israel, Bulgaria, Belarus, Chile and other countries.

The innovative research method PhotoVoice as well as the exhibition “Integration of Foreigners through the Eyes of Praguers, including its online version, were created by Integration centre Prague as a part of the international project INTEGRA.

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