• Israel (born in Ukraine)
  • in Prague for 3 years
  • AskHR Representative at Medtronic

Because integration for me means adapting, discovering new things and learning to see the beauty of change, just like we adapt, discover and appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons.

“Living in Prague was always me and my husband’s dream. We got married here and we were really amazed by the city, by its energy and magic.”

“I love change and I like the challenge of learning new cultures and languages. It really expands your mind, it’s priceless.”

“Living in the suburbs, I feel like I have a different experience of living in Prague than other foreigners I talk to. In the suburbs, it’s more quiet and you get to experience more regular Czech people.”

“Through the photos, I wanted to show how seasons can change the environment, how you experience it, and how the development of your stay can change your mind.”

“At times, it felt like the country doesn’t really want you there, but you fight to be there. I came here to work, to learn, to be a part of the society. I came here to contribute, not to intrude. I think for me, it was easier, because I look Czech, I look Slavic, so people are not really afraid to approach me.”

Integration is really organic. It’s nothing that happens right away, nothing that you can deal with right away, it comes slowly. For me, integration also means being part of the space, part of the environment you are in and about seeing positive things in it. Integration is harmonizing yourself with the space, the people, the culture. That’s what I tried to convey in my photos.”

“Integration is about effort from both sides, I think. You can’t come as a foreigner and expect everything is going to be handed to you on a silver platter. If you come with an attitude, you will never integrate, it’s impossible. If you are willing to learn and make an effort and show it, I think people will appreciate it. I think slowly things will change and there will be more willingness to cooperate.”

tip for foreigners

“Integration is both about experiencing negative and positive things. Try to see positive things in everything, try not to judge too much, try to listen and understand. Try to learn a little bit of the language. Be tolerant, patient, know what you want and look for the little things that are important to you. Find the beauty in what you have here.”