“When I first came out of the Prague airport 5 years ago, I felt that I breathe here like at home. It was love at first sight and I am proud to live in such a beautiful city.”

“The beauty of Prague and so many different people around to adore it.”

“To know the history of the place you live is important.
The “Gate of non-return” is a monument reminding the horrors of 2nd world war. It stands on the place through which passed the Jewish transports.”


“Friends in the City. We are deeply in love with India and we have a lot of friends from there who often visit us here.”

“Integration for me is how you suit to the country and how the country suits you. And it doesn´t only depend on the country, but I think it mostly depends on the person who comes here. I am a positive thinking person and I think that Prague and the people living here will mirror me.”

“Our favourite place to eat Indian food. The guys who work there are very open and really like it here in Prague.”

“Prague mothers and fathers summer picnic. Italia, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Russia.
We have a really great FB group which connects mothers and fathers of many nationalities living in Prague. Sometimes we meet and discuss how to improve our lives in the Czech Republic. And no one ever complains, everyone focuses on how good it is here. I like the idea of communicating with other nationalities about the Czech Republic.”

“This is my son and his Czech girlfriend. We met this family in the playground and now we are really close friends. And it showed me again, that there are no barriers for us foreigners. If you want to communicate, you will find a way. This family doesn’t speak English or Russian, so we speak Czech. And thanks to them, I improved a lot. I hope this friendship will last a really long time.”

tips for foreigners

“If you want to integrate, learn the language. Through the language, you can understand the local people and culture, and maybe you will even fall in love with the Czech Republic in the process. And there is a saying – If you want to learn the Czech language, go to the pub. Because you will always find some Czech people there to talk to.”

“I watch a lot of Czech movies and listen to a lot of Czech music. I am trying to integrate through the language, through the culture, through the people, and I think I am doing it right as I feel here like at home.”