• Belarus
  • 3 years in Czech Republic
  • project manager and volunteer intercultural worker
“I see integration as a kind of respect for other cultures. I came to the Czech Republic as a migrant and I feel that I have to respect the way things are here, respect the differences between our cultures, although we still have a lot in common. Integration is about fighting the prejudice that we all have. If we win over it, integration can be successful.”

“I first experienced Prague in 2012 as a tourist, who admired the beauty of the city.”

“Even after I moved to Prague in 2016, my photos were mostly touristic. I was a sort of long-term tourist.”

“During the first year, I turned from a tourist to a researcher. I tried to learn as much about the Czech history and culture as possible. I also started to look for places, from where I can admire the beautiful city and avoid the crowds of tourists at the same time. I also found and learned about new interesting and less touristic places, which are also a part of Prague.”

“Now I observe the everyday life in Prague and I know what is going on and where. I follow websites, take part in various activities, volunteer…”

“Now I see Prague from a completely different point of view.”

“Sometimes I miss home and I look for places that remind me of my home country. In Belarus, we have beautiful nature and I am very fond of nature. I live close to Prokopské údolí and I like to go there for a walk. I feel good there, happy – compared to the city centre, there is peace and quiet.”

“People that I meet with in Prague are very important for me. We come from different countries and have various backgrounds but learning Czech and living in the Czech Republic connects us to such an extent, that we meet and share our experience together. It is fascinating, that people from all over the world can meet and just talk with each other in a third, forth language. It is really important for me to meet with people who are open to other cultures and who don’t focus on the differences between us, but rather on what we have in common and what we can agree on.”

tip for foreigners

To foreigners coming to Prague, I would recommend to take part in volunteering activities. It is not just about helping people – it is an opportunity for personal growth and for improving the Czech language skills. Prague offers various opportunities, so take part in as many events as possible – not only as participants, but also as organisers.